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AHU (Air Handling Unit)


Air handling units are used in nearly all new and renovated buildings to ensure high-quality indoor air. In addition to providing clean indoor air, HK Instruments’ easy-to-use devices enable cost-efficiency and the effortless installation and monitoring of air handling units.  In comparison with analogue devices, modern Modbus devices require less wiring, which reduces the cost of cabling work. 

Clean room application


 Pressure differences between rooms in hospitals, laboratories and other demanding environments can be controlled through pressurization and depressurization to ensure favorable working conditions and the cleanliness of products. Designed to monitor pressure differences between rooms, differential pressure transmitters measure the difference in pressure between the clean room and the outdoor air.

Demand-controlled ventilation (DCV)


 Ventilation is boosted when a large number of people are in the building. Ventilation solutions of this type are needed in schools, offices, sports halls and hotels – that is, in all locations where it is important to maintain good air quality, even if utilization rates vary greatly. In addition to ensuring good air quality, demand-controlled ventilation reduces energy consumption in buildings. 

Commercial building solutions


Passive outdoor temperature and light sensors are reliable in use and reduce the need for cabling. These sensors predict the need for heating in a building and control outdoor lighting sensibly and energy-efficiently. Liquid pressure transmitters can be used to monitor district heating and cooling, as well as detecting any leaks and preventing water damage. Surveillance of the differential pressure across the building envelope takes care of the health of the building and prevents serious structural problems.

Roof extraction unit


In apartment buildings, roof extraction units are often necessary to ensure clean, high-quality indoor air. Ventilation in apartment buildings is often set at a default level, even though the load varies. This results in a significant loss of energy. Ventilation applications in apartment buildings are easy to implement by using HK Instruments’ measurement devices. Our cost-efficient solutions do not need to be supported by an expensive building automation system.

AHU Modbus solution


Our main products are also available with Modbus communication. When using a bus solution, you need less wires in cables and fewer input points in the controller. As a result, you will save in costs of the devices and installation.

This makes it possible to measure four different types of data.

With the Modbus solution you only need 4 wires as opposed to 23 wires when using the traditional solution.

Our Products



Field adjustable, multi-range differential pressure transmitters for air

DPT-R8 series differential pressure transmitters are engineered for building automation in the HVAC/R industry. The most technologically advanced transmitters on the market measuring static and differential pressure, with field selectable units, range and output, all in a single device.



DPT-Flow is a flow transmitter that provides a new and easy way to measure the flow rate on centrifugal fans.

One device is suitable for a range of different fan types. It also provides an easy way to measure flow rate in a duct system. The device is supplied with an optional FloXactTM averaging measurement probe.

The DPT-Flow is designed for air handling units to measure the air flow on centrifugal fans. 



DPT-Ctrl is a multifunctional PID controller with differential pressure or air flow transmitter.

DPT-Ctrl enables to control constant pressure or flow of fans, VAV systems or dampers. Its two lined display shows the direction of the control output and the measurement value at the same time. The optional autozero function eliminates the need for periodic manual zero point calibration.



Field adjustable, multi-range differential pressure transmitter with two pressure sensors for air

DPT-Dual series differential pressure transmitters are engineered for building automation in the HVAC/R industry. DPT-Dual is a technologically advanced transmitter measuring static and differential pressure from two different points, with field selectable units, range and output, all in a single device.



Multifunctional differential pressure transmitters with air flow measurement and Modbus communication

DPT-MOD is a multifunctional transmitter for measuring volume flow, velocity, and static and differential pressure. The measurements can be read and the configuration done via Modbus communication. DPT-MOD requires less wiring than the traditional 3-wire transmitters because multiple devices can be connected on serial line. DPT-MOD can also be used with several different measurement probes such as FloXact™ or pitot tube, and air dampers.



Multifunctional PID controller with differential pressure or air flow transmitter and Modbus communication.

DPT-Ctrl-MOD enables to control constant pressure or flow of fans, VAV systems or dampers. In addition, the controller is fully programmable via Modbus.

The DPT-Ctrl-MOD includes an Input terminal that enables the reading of multiple signals such as temperature or control relays over Modbus. The Input terminal has one input channel designed to accept 0−10 V, ntc10k, Pt1000, Ni1000/(-LG), and BIN IN (potential free contact) signals.

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Our focus is mostly on BECKHOFF programmable controllers and REGIN AHU controllers.

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